junio 29, 2021

Concurso redacción 1º bachiller Inglés nivel First

Concurso redacción 1º bachiller Inglés nivel First

Los alumnos de 1º bach. de ingles nivel First realizaban la siguiente actividad:

Tenían que escribir un artículo de entre 140 y 190 palabras sobre su experiencia durante el confinamiento en el curso 19-20. Séis eran las redacciones elegidas.

¿Requisitos? Aquellas que más se ajustaban a criterios lingüísticos y de contenido que rigen el nivel First; y, de entre esas, el resto de alumnos, por grupos, eligieron las dos mejores.

Los ganadores fueron Meng Wei y Ashley Fernández.

A continuación las redacciones ganadoras:


How would you feel if, out of the blue, you are told that the whole country is in lockdown? Well, my purpose on writing this article is to tell you about my experience.

Before lockdown I was an ordinary teenager who had to fulfil his duties as a student, doing homework, studying for exams and stressing out. Although everyone was feeling anxious because no one knew what was going to happen, I was pretty relaxed. Also, like everyone, I took advantage of this awkward situation and learned how to cook several appetising meals, from main dishes to the most unusual desserts.

I gained some good memories throughout lockdown, but the most memorable for me is the time when, every day, everyone stood on their balconies singing all together and supporting each other.

Was this a difficult situation? Absolutely yes, but if we remain optimistic, everything will be fine because I firmly believe that every grey cloud has a silver lining.

Meng Wei

Un Unexpected Turn of Events

Have you ever imagined having to lock yourself down for months? The answer right now would be affirmative, but what about a year ago? No one would have expected it!

To my mind, it was a surprisingly big challenge for most people -including me-. I felt trapped since we weren’t able to go out, but ,at the same time, absolutely worried about all the school projects. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t stand it at all! I consider it was a life-changing experience.

But eventually, I got myself together and, as time went by, I came up with more and more ideas to take advantage of my time during lockdown. I even played old games that weren’tmy cup of tea. I can’t help remembering the amazingly special day when I met my friend Zayra. We were both playing an extremely popular online game and we ended up being in the same team. What a delightful coincidence!

Who would have imagined it? I met a very good friend of mine while playing my favourite game.

Ashley Fernández



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  • Visita al Museo Carlista alumnos 4º ESO
  • PMAR, UCE Y PCA en el Camino de Santiago
  • II Carrera por el DOMUND (alumnos 1º ESO)
  • Convivencia 1º ESO en el monasterio de Iranzu